Oooo La La! Cafe & Madeleines

Whilst perusing the Crate & Barrel website to put something on my Elfster wishlist, I came upon this fella:

So I put this bad boy on my wishlist since it was on sale and kind of put it in the back of my mind until my baby sister came to visit bringing my Kris Kringle present.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out my awesome older cousin got me the French Press!  Not only that, but it came in this fun green color:



With my sister in town, I wanted to test it out since Hubby doesn’t drink caffeinated coffee <gasp!>.  Needless to say, it was delicious…mmm…mmmm…coffee heaven.

During my sister’s stay, I tried 3 different types of coffees:

  1. Peet’s Coffee:  Uzuri African Blend.  Deep Roast with dark berry notes.  Typically found in Giant or Safeway grocery stores.
  2. Café du Monde:  Also known as Vietnamese Coffee.  You typically see it I restaurants in a mini French Press and served iced with condensed milk.  Typically found in any Asian grocery store.
  3. Godiva Coffee:  Cinnamon Gingerbread Truffle.  Medium roast coffee with sweet notes of cinnamon.  Specialty flavor found in Giant or Safeway grocery stores.
Coffee Trifecta

Coffee Trifecta

I think I’m officially obsessed with French Pressed Coffee now as there is definitely a whole different flavor dimension when compared to the coffee pot.  I won’t be retiring Mr. Coffee Pot (especially when we have large groups of people over), but when I want those smaller servings, the French Press is now my go-to.  You can really taste more of the bitterness or sweetness or richness of the coffee (depending on the coffee flavor / type).

Press + Coffee + Creamer = YUM

Press + Coffee + Creamer = YUM

As a side note, I take a sip of it black (I normally love black but had some cravings for creamer).  I also never put sugar in my coffee.  I tried 3 scoops of Café du Monde on its own and my sister loved it.  It had a nice mellow taste with some hints of sweetness.  Next, I tried 2 scoops of Café du Monde and 1 scoop of Godiva Coffee, which resulted in a wonderfully sweet coffee. Then, I tried 2 scoops of Café du Monde and 1 scoop of Peet’s Coffee, resulting in a bitter dark / earthy party in my mouth, but it was great.  This combo is good for a wake me up.  I think Baby Sis liked the 1st and 2nd option the best.

In addition to my coffee cravings, I have been on the wild hunt for Madeleines.  Hubby was in Costco and picked up some (yay!).  I didn’t take a picture since Baby Sis and I ate through the Madeleines (it wasn’t the giant econo pack I swear).  But, man, what a wonderful way to start the day…mmmm.

Happiest Breakfast Ever

Happiest Breakfast Ever


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