Food Reviews

Moo v3I really have no true method for my reviews or how I choose the places I eat at.  It’s typically driven by my spouse’s stomach and social gatherings. Many of the food reviews are for eats in the VA region but on occasion, there will be a review for eats in the DC or MD region (I’d definitely love to hear if people have some favorite spots out in those areas).

Many of my reviews focus on cheap / local eats.  Not that fine dining isn’t great – it’s just not something I’ll rate very often.  So if you’re expecting gourmet insight, run away! In fact, ambiance is something I typically don’t assess.  For me, the hole-in-the-wall is the best find.

I will try to categorize my reviews as best I can by tagging types of food (e.g., Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai, Desserts, etc.).

For now, my assessments are based on Food Quality (e.g., taste, portion sizes, authenticity) and Service (because let’s face it, when your servers sucks, it just ruins the taste of food).  I also like to look at the quality/service compared to the cost spent on a meal.
So, here’s the rating system:
Moo Rating (0) v4= 0 Moos:  I think it’d be rare for me to give this rating.  If a place gets 0 Moos, it has to be legit awful. We’re talking straight up inedible food or servers just spit in my beer while I watched. At this point, the cow is just stirring up a cuss storm and probably engaged in a fight.
Moo Rating (1) v5a= 1 Moo:  One step above 0 Moos except maybe the server is nice or there is just that one signature drink.  This will be a rare rating.
Moo Rating (1) v5aMoo Rating (1) v5a = 2 Moos:  Decent food, maybe decent price, but lackluster taste and/or service.
Moo Rating (1) v5aMoo Rating (1) v5aMoo Rating (1) v5a= 3 Moos: There may be a signature dish or two (or possible potential) that keeps me eating there.
Moo Rating (1) v5aMoo Rating (1) v5aMoo Rating (1) v5aMoo Rating (1) v5a= 4 Moos: Deliciousness abounds and there might be one or two small reasons why it doesn’t achieve the Full-5-Moo.
Moo Rating (1) v5aMoo Rating (1) v5aMoo Rating (1) v5aMoo Rating (1) v5aMoo Rating (1) v5a= 5 Moos: For the cost and taste, it is AWESOME and I will be dining there multiple times back-to-back.
And of course, keep in mind that this rating system could change in the future too.

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